Monday, 20 August 2012

Tory Affidavit Attempts to Cast Doubt on Robocalls Survey

The Council of Canadians presented polling data to back up claims that misleading calls in seven ridings affected the outcome of  the 2011 federal election.  Conservatives recently released an affidavit challenging the validity of the Ekos survey that found the non-Conservative vote was suppressed by about 1.5% in these ridings.

The survey also found that “highly statistically significant” number of the call recipients were non-Conservatives.

Since the story first broke the Conservative Party has denied any involvement in the robocalls that misdirected voters to the wrong polling stations.  Yet at every turn it has been the Conservative Party that has fought against the suit brought forward by the voters in the seven affected ridings and denied even the possibility that voter suppression occurred.

Why does the Conservative Party of Canada fight so hard to deny the residents of the seven ridings another vote, if the party is so sure that voter suppression did not occur and that the results of the election were unaffected by the robocalls?

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