Thursday, 23 August 2012

Remembering Layton by Looking Forward

Jack Layton was not about looking back, he was a forward thinker.
"I am running to be the next Prime Minister of Canada" ~ Jack Layton , 2008
In 2008, when Jack said those words, it seemed like such a shocking statement to make.  The general public and even many NDP members had never believed such a thing to be possible.  Interviewer after interviewer attempted to get Layton to "admit" his statement was ludacris.  The NDP had never even got enough seats to be the opposition.  Pundits and politicians alike mocked him for being so bold.  They believed that since it had never happened before it never could.

Last election something amazing happened, inspired by Jack's eternal optimism for a country that put is citizens first, the NDP vision for Canada started to sound achievable.  And the #OrangeCrush swept the nation.

Today when the leader of the NDP says "I am running to be the next Prime Minister of Canada... nobody laughs.

Yesterday, the anniversary of  Layton's death, was about remembering a man who profoundly touched the lives of millions of people he never met.  But today, is about and honouring his legacy by planning for the future and taking action when action is required..

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