Wednesday, 24 November 2010

In Service to King Stephen - Senate kills Climate Bill

For the first time in 70 years a bill passed by the House of Commons without so much as a hearing was killed by Conservative senators.  Why you might ask?  Well in service to the King... ummm I mean Prime Minister Harper. 

The climate bill brought forward by the New Democratic Party (NDP), passed by DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED Members of Parliament from all three opposition parties but was not supported by the Harpocrats.  Therefore, the plot was hatched.  Call a snap vote when there were not enough Liberal Senators in the House to stop it and then kill the bill.  The idea was brilliant however devious. No one could have predicted that C-311 would be defeated without any debate, without a single witness called to explain the legislation's merits. 

Our Prime Minister has stated on the record that he believes that the elected House of Commons should prevail over the unelected Senate. - Apparently this principle only applies to the bills Harper himself supported. 

So when democracy gets in the way circumvent it, no one questions the King after all.  And the fact that most Canadians haven't noticed that their democracy has just been giving the middle finger only proves it.

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