Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Flaherty continues his War on Education

Many Ontarians remember how the Mike Harris Government waged war on the Ontario education system and spent much of their time trying to vilify the province’s school teachers. Well it seems former Harrisite Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is trying to recreate the bad old days on a national scale. The target this time is a private members bill that would offer parents the ability to deduct up to $5000 in Registered Education Savings Plan contributions from their income.

His reason, it would cost the government coffers "$1 billion or more." Hmm… Stephen Harper’s Conservatives’ 1-point reduction in the GST cost the federal government over $4 billion. It seems Finance Minister Flaherty feels that parents would rather save a penny on their morning coffee than put their kids through school.

Reaction to: Conservatives outline plan to kill Liberal RESP bill

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  1. the gov't run finances of raising my kids.



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