Friday, 29 February 2008

Caught on Tape: Conservatives tried to Buy a Dying MP’s Vote

The Harper Conservatives who love to talk about the Liberal’s lack of ethics, have been recently caught with their pants down so to speak, in a little influence pedaling of their own. A book about the life of Independent MP Chuck Cadman revealed that members of the Conservative party tried to convince him to vote against the Liberal party in a key confidence vote in 2005 by offering him a one million dollar insurance policy. Mr Cadman refused the offer but discussed it with his wife and daughter before his death.

How did the Prime Minister Harper respond to the charge? - By lying of course and saying that there was "absolutely no truth" to the allegations. He promptly denied any such offer to Mr Cadman. Too bad for Stephen that he had admitted to the scheme in a taped interview to the author of the book. Oops, denial didn’t work - so the Conservative are now saying that the insurance policy was a way of recruiting him into the party.

Mr. Harper, do you really think the Canadian public is so dense as to fall for such a flimsy cover story? We are not your Cabinet. You cannot simply crack the whip and we will say “Yes Sir, of course Sir how silly of us to question you!”

Reference: Cadman's daughter backs up mom's bribe story

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