Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Why Baird's Do-Nothing Plan is a Bad Idea

You could imagine my surprise when I received the following comment to Canada’s Environment Minister Would Rather Do Nothing about Climate Change:

A true legislative commitment to reducing green house emissions, to sustainable levels, would cause our continent's economy to tail spin to an extent that would make the storey "The Grapes of Wrath", look like a picnic gone bad.

I appreciate our leaders' caution. My childern's children will see a change in life style. Let's hope it won't be a catastophe, but a dignified submission of privledges and luxuries.
The following video highlights how this persons views are utter nonsense.

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  1. definitelyNotDavid12 December 2007 at 16:21

    Sustainable levels of industrial emissions, means a global industrial machine about the size of the one existing in 1940. This planet's industrial machine grows that much every year.

    Spread the 1940 industrial machine to benifit 6 billion people, and all you have is enough mechanisation to feed, clothe and shelter us, and hopefully protect national soverenty and health care.

    Forget tourism, suburban commuter car traffic, owning a private car, lots of toys, or even people living in climates that need to heat or cool their homes.

    All potential nuclear, wind, hydro and solar power will be needed just to keep everyone alive with dignity.

    To legislate this through industrial economics, and government policy, is folly. These institutions are old ideas. Leadership would need to make fossil fuel more expensive than the cost of developing an infrastructure for the other energy sources, and to recreate our cities for village life. Or, they would need to let 4 billion poor people die to preseve our existing way of life.

    People will fight to the death, to preserve their rights and freedoms. North Americans see their over consumptive life style as their right of birth.

    I urge us to proceed with caution.


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