Monday, 10 December 2007

Canada’s Environment Minister Would Rather Do Nothing about Climate Change

Minister Baird has said that Canada will not sign any international treaties on climate change unless the U.S. signs as well. Very shrewd move. If you want to do nothing, but you don’t want to say that you want to do nothing, placing a condition like that on signing an accord is a pretty sure bet.

Too bad for Baird the Canadian public is smart enough to see through such a transparent move. Given the Bush administration’s position on climate change (i.e. they are nearly the only ones on this planet not sure if it is real) hell would be experiencing a climate change of its own before the United States signed on.

Reference: Canada signing climate treaty without U.S. like 'unilateral disarmament': Baird


  1. A true legislative commitment to reducing green house emissions, to sustainable levels, would cause our continent's economy to tail spin to an extent that would make the storey "The Grapes of Wrath", look like a picnic gone bad.

    I appreciate our leaders' caution. My childern's children will see a change in life style. Let's hope it won't be a catastophe, but a dignified submission of privledges and luxuries.

  2. Accept if there is no air to breathe your children won't care much about money


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