Friday, 7 March 2014

Harry Neufeld contradicts Poilievre on voter fraud

As has become clear in the last month or so, Conservative MPs are not willing to let little things like truth, evidence or personal integrity get in the way of passing their electoral reform bill C-23.

Yesterday, Canada's Chief Electoral Officer testified in front of the committee responsible for studying the bill.  Conservative MPs spent the entire time trying to get the CEO to say that there was a POSSIBILITY of fraud.  The CEO said that the errors that are often quoted by Conservative MPs are actually not an indication of fraud and there has been no evidence that people voting were anything other then eligible voters.

In an attempt to defuse the impact of facts, Pierre Poilievre went on CPAC to "correct the explicit factual error in the CEO's testimony" and again read the sentence from the report that he's quoted so many times he probably hears it in his sleep.  "The Supreme Court made it clear that such errors in other circumstances could contribute to a court overturning an election." 

Now it seems that Mr Neufeld himself, would like to correct Mr. Polilievre's deliberate SELECTIVE quoting.  According to Neufeld at no point in his report did he suggest that any of the irregulatities sited in his report were evidence of fraud.

His recommendations (never quoted by Poilievre )

  • voter information cards should be more widely allowed as valid pieces of i.d.
  • vouching process and paperwork should be simplified
  • elections officials better trained

Author of report touted by Poilievre contradicts minister on voter fraud

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