Friday, 7 September 2012

Pierre Poilievre - Silencing Dissent through Intimidation

In 1946, Justice Rand determined that even though employees working in a unionized work environment were not required to join the union they were required to pay union dues because all workers in the workplace benefited from the contract negotiated by the union on the workers behalf regardless of their membership status.

Recently career politician Pierre Poilievre Conservative MP for the riding of Nepean-Carleton proposed that we all jump in our time machines and travel back to 1946 to reverse the Rand decision.  His reason, some of his constituents have complained to him about a public sector union's political activity.  Poilievre can often be counted on for knee jerk reactions that over simplify complicated issues and this case is no different.

A more reasoned response would be to recognize that unions are democratic organizations where the leadership is elected by the members.  And like all democracies
  • not all members actively participate i.e. vote
  • not all members agree with the outcome of the vote
But reason is not Poilievre's strong suit his reaction is to use legislation to bully the unions into silence by threatening their financial stability is  a dangerous one and not just for unions.  For any democracy to thrive dissenting opinions MUST be allowed to be voiced without fear of retribution.

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  1. Mr Poilievre reminds me awfully, of Stephen Harper evolving in the primordial political muck. Though far rougher around the edges, far better French, looser lipped but equally sanctimonious and even more smug. Very, very low scores regarding decency or humanity. Trying to detect a raison d'etre or core belief behind his dogmatic, weaselly shallow posturing is difficult. I suspect when he looks in the mirror he sees the very center of the universe, again, very much like Stephen Harper.. though a much flashier dresser, with better hair.

    Dean Del Mastro - English parliamentary secretary to Harper and Poilievre -French parliamentary secretary to Harper .. one is the blustering dim clown-walrus, the other the clever vicious thug-dandy. Both classic bully boys clutching the skirts of their gang leader, then hissing and spewing on cue when taken off their leash .. Like classic Charles Dickens, with Fagin and his boy pickpockets, or perhaps Animal Farm .. (all animals are equal - except some are more equal) or Lord of the Flies, where schoolboys degenerate into savagery.

    Cut me some slack .. this creep listen to his constituents ? If so, he is the only Conservative MP to engage in such odd behavior.


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