Thursday, 27 September 2012

Hands off my Uterus

Last night relief of the defeat of M-312 quickly gave way to anger. Given the rampant deregulation being implemented by this Government, it would seem that the only regulation they are interested in is the regulation and restriction of women's rights. I am so incensed that women still have to fight just to keep the rights we already have.

That a member of the Conservative Party of Canada would bring this motion forward with the clear intention to strip women of their legal rights is infuriating.  That four Liberal ministers voted in favour show a lack of spine on the part of the Liberal Party's Leader.  That the Minister for the Status of Women, Rona Ambrose, would vote in favour of such a motion is uncontionable. That after it was so soundly defeated Minister Woodworth said that he or someone else will try again makes me irate.

How many times?  How many times will this government attack women's rights?  Who's next? And will they eventually succeed?

 Here is the list of MPs willing to risk a woman's right to abortion.

Motion 312 - The Handmaid's Tale

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  1. I think Canadians are wakening and the regressive Harper conservatives will be sent to Coventry very soon.

  2. Maybe you can go through who voted what and find that there are all kinds of regressive MPs. But in general, conservative or not, they are in majority sick of people looking for scientists with opinions about issues already resolved by the Supreme Court.

    Any woman who had to make this decision, had no option, and it is up to the rest of us to make sure she has her dignity and a doctor, in a time most needed.


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