Friday, 2 March 2012

Sleeping on the Job – Conservative MP Rob Anders

The Conservative party claims to be the party looking out for Canadian Military Personnel and veterans but unfortunately the guy they appointed to the Veterans Affairs Committee has his eyes closed – literally.  MP for Calgary West Rob Anders was caught sleeping during a presentation on Homeless Veterans.Rob Anders, MP Calgary West
Rob Anders of course denies falling asleep but his own words tell a different story.  He called Jim Lowther a “NDP hack”.
Jim Lowther is a retired veteran of the Canadian Forces where he proudly served his country for fifteen years before, retiring prematurely due to injury.  During Mr. Lowther’s career  he served two NATO tours in Bosnia in support of Canada’s peacekeeping efforts.  Mr Lowther was presenting to the Veteran Affairs Committee as the president of Veterans Emergency Transition Services (V.E.T.S.) non-profit organization active in helping homeless veterans.
V.E.T.S. is a non-partisan organization.  For Rob Anders’ benefit non-partisan means free from party affiliation, bias, or designation.
Since M.P. for Calgary West, Rob Anders had no idea Mr. Lowther  was the President of V.E.T.S, chances are Rob Anders should wake up because his pants are on fire.
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