Thursday, 2 February 2012

NDP Move to Protect Old Age Security - Vote on Feb 6th

The NDP used the Opposition day in Parliament today to put forward a motion that the federal government not pay for its agenda on the backs of Canadian Seniors by raising the age at which they will qualify for Old Age Security (OAS).

 Several times NDP members put the question to Human Resources Minister - Is your government planing to raise the age at which a person would qualify for OAS. 

Each time Human Resources Minister answered. "Seniors currently receiving OAS will not be affected." As with many things in politics the answer to the question lies with has NOT been said. Since the Minister specified seniors "currently receiving" it is clear that the government plans to make changes for people that are not currently receiving. When they plan to have this increase take effect is not known.

 The opposition motion to protect OAS will be voted on by the House of Commons in the afternoon session of Feb 6th

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  1. They may have to reduce on OAS, but I think their formula is wrong. Last year, before she died, my 81 year old mother had an income of $85,000 and was still collecting $125 a month OAS. Under this new age requirement, she would still be getting hers, but her 65 year old handyman would have to keep working.

  2. According to the governments own study there is no need to reduce OAS. Even during the peak of the baby boomer retirements. - Is the OAS - GIS program unaffordable?

    The OAS is NOT based on income. The three factors to determine if you can receive the Old Age Security pension: your age, your legal status, and the number of years you have lived in Canada. How to qualify for OAS

    Pensioners who earn individual net income of $66,335 or more are required to repay part of their pensions. These repayments are normally deducted each month from the pension payment. This is likely why your mother was receiving only $125 per month.

  3. PRRR- okay you're research was fine. Actually it helped me with a thing. Hurt me in retrospect, that I splattered Mum's business up there for all to see. But the point was that for those that don't need help, why do they get it, when those that might in a few years when they are 65, don't. Yes more quick Cons. voting it through parliament, without some sort of public review. And it affects us, the average person, all.

  4. I apologize for the comments I submitted last evening. Although there was nothing personal, I feel that some of my wording was in poor taste. I won't be offended if you don't post. I meant no offense to you or your views.


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