Tuesday, 5 April 2011

What are Stephen Harper’s standards? Felons inside the Prime Minister's Office

It is hard to say what Stephen Harper knew about Bruce Carson.  In one breath he says that "I knew Mr. Carson had had difficulties with the law..." But in another breath says "The fact is, I did not know... had I known these things, obviously I would not have hired him.

So which is it Mr. Harper?  You knew Mr Carson had a criminal background or you did not know?

When it comes to the senior advisor to the most pivotal role in our government’s structure, Stephen Harper has some questions to answer:
  • What is Harper’s policy on hiring staffers with criminal pasts?
  • Why did Harper go ahead with Carson after finding out about his fraud convictions?
  • What is his standard? Are there any convictions that would rule staff out of bounds?
  • Why does Stephen Harper seem to have a different standard for Conservative insiders than he does for everyone else?
Reference What are Stephen Harper's standards?

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