Tuesday, 19 April 2011

No More Red Kool-Aide

Many die hard Liberals are questioning the validity of voting for the NDP.  Many go so far as to say a vote for the NDP is a vote for the Conservatives.  I don't believe in telling people how to vote and for those Liberals that don't understand how ballots work.  When you place an 'X' beside a candidate's name that is the candidate you are voting for.  
Every election near the last few weeks of the campaign the red kool-aide comes out and everyone that is not supporting the Conservative government is told to drink it.  The reason that the NDP "never win" is because too many people that prefer the NDP drink that koolaide and vote Liberal.
Voting with the Conservatives on most issues or not showing up for votes is not what I consider representation. Ignatieff, you gotta be in the room to make a difference. You don't get to vote with the Conservatives and then campaign against them on the very same issue that you yourself voted in favor of.  
Here is the list of votes that Liberal leader Ignatieff missed.
(Government bills are bolded.)
  • C-449, Free Public Transit for Seniors Act
  • C-510, Criminalizing abortion
  • C-343, Family leave
  • C-300, Corporate Accountability of Mining, Oil and Gas Corporations in Developing Countries
  • C-201, Stopping pension clawbacks for veterans
  • C-384, Euthanasia
  • C-302, Italian-Canadian Recognition and Restitution Act
  • C-469, Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights
  • C-307, Charter of the French Language
  • C-530, Northwest Territories borrowing limits
  • C-46, Canada-Panama Free Trade Act
  • C-42, Strengthening Aviation Security Act
  • C-501, Pension protection
  • C-473, Protection of Insignia of Military Orders, Decorations and Medals
  • C-393, Aids-drugs-for-Africa bill
  • C-304, Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act
  • C-47, Budget implementation act II, 2010
  • C-386, Replacement workers
  • C-290, Tax credit for loss of retirement income
  • C-440, War resisters
  • C-308, Improvement of the employment insurance system
  • C-5, International Transfer of Offenders
  • C-45, Appropriation Act II 2010-11
  • C-280, Qualification for and entitlement to EI benefits
  • C-2, Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement
  • C-475, An Act to amend the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (methamphetamine and ecstasy)
  • C-395, Employment Insurance during a labour dispute
  • C-9, Budget implementation act I, 2010
  • C-232, Official languages for Supreme Court justices
  • C-444, Québécois national identity in the Telecommunications Act
  • C-241, Employment Insurance removal of waiting period
  • C-7, Appropriation Act I, 2010-11
  • C-392, Made in Canada Act
  • C-50, Employment Insurance benefits
  • C-42, Ending Conditional Sentences for Property and Other Serious Crimes Act
  • C-52, White Collar Crime
  • C-306, Canadian Products Promotion Act
  • C-268, Minimum sentence for trafficking minors
  • C-309, Economic development agency for Northern Ontario
  • C-279, Employment Insurance severance and vacation pay
  • C-20, Nuclear Liability and Compensation Act
  • C-288, Tax credit for new graduates working in designated regions
  • C-273, Right to repair
  • C-310, Air Passengers' Bill of Rights
  • C-11, Human Pathogens and Toxins Act
  • C-24, Peruvian Free Trade
  • C-9, Transportation of dangerous goods
  • C-2, European Free Trade

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