Monday, 25 October 2010

PSAC Tries to Put a Positive Spin on Losing Severance Pay

John Gordon president of the public sector Union, PSAC says that he traded severance in exchange for job security of its members. Unfortunately, he has failed to explain how severance pay and job security are related. He has only expanded on how laid off workers would receive more severance.

Severance pay was like a joint savings account between employees and the federal government. In exchange for years of service the government would contribute money into this account so that a the time when an employee retired or lost there jobs in another way would have some money to ease the transition. By accepting the elimination of severance in exchange for a greater wage increase the government will be buying off the members of the PSAC with their own money.

It would appear that the government played the shell game and with the PSAC and Mr. Gordon is unaware that his team lost.


  1. Why should other Federal Government Unions be allowed to retain their severance pay and have PSAC be the only one who surrenders this benefit?
    The (PSAC) representatives must have been high on something when they allowed this to go for ratification by its members.

  2. I think a full investigation needs to begin on the current PSAC leaders responsible for this divide and conquer tactic the Conserv gov't has won.

    Sick leave is next and then what? Thanks very much for looking out for my future Brother Gorden


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