Thursday, 11 June 2009

Raitt Cries Crocodile Tears for Isotope Quip

In a hastily scheduled news conference amid flattering back lighting clearly meant for front page pictures, natural resources minister, Lisa Raitt finally decided to apologize. On Jan 30th, not long after the heavy water leak at Chalk River nuclear reactor caused a shortage of medical isotopes worldwide, she told her aid that she thought the whole situation was “sexy” and looked at it as a way to promote her political career.

It is hard to believe that Ms. Raitt is sincere in her apology because not 24 hours earlier she was refusing to make the very same apology. In fact, it would be easier to believe that she is more motivated by political survival than true regret for the hurt her words caused. In her apology, she lists every one of her relatives that died from cancer in a contrived effort to elicit sympathy and deflect attention away from her words on Jan 30th and her cold and calculating response to those words prior to sudden about-face apology.

The performance was worthy of an academy award. Well Ms. Raitt, if this political gig doesn’t work out there is always Hollywood.

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  1. Time and time again. Time to clue in, and sneak out the back, Jack! (or Lisa).


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