Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Google abandons its FeedBurner Users

It used to be if you had a problem with FeedBurner you could go to the forum that was monitored by technical support and receive help within a few hours.

The email subscribers to FeedBurner feeds have been lost for two days for many many bloggers. The so called Google Feedburner Help Group (un-monitored), meant to replace the Feedburner forum, is littered with 50 or more posts asking for help. But no help is comming. No information on the status of the problem has arrived. We are just left to wonder in limbo if our email subscribers will ever be able to receive another update.

Blogger, that is owned by Google as well. Blogger's slogan is "No subscriber left behind" Where are you now Google?

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  1. Feedburner finally fixed the problem!!! Blog power

  2. Great post! I like this blog PJ!


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