Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Right Wing Nut Creates Online Petition to Suspend Canadian Human Rights Commission

There is currently an online petition being circulated to suspend the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Considering the mandate of the commission is to enforce the Canadian Human Rights Act, the petition is in effect calling for the suspension of the enforcement of human rights in Canada.

I am at a loss as to why anyone would want to suspend human rights in Canada or anywhere else for that mater.

The author of this petition is John Pacheco.

Reference: Online petition - A Free Dominion Against the HRCs
SoCon Or Bust

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  1. Free speech and human rights. The question is, do the ends justify the means? But, yes, a right wing nut.

  2. I dont support "suspending" the HRC either by a long shot but you're grossly oversimplifying when you say that doing so would mean the "suspension of the enforcement of human rights" since most of our human rights are contained in the Charter which can be use to challenge government action (the primary source of human rights abuse) in court.


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