Thursday, 22 November 2007

Tasering and Other Crimes Against Humanity

The latest taser death to make the headlines is that of a Utah man that was tasered in September for not signing his traffic ticket!

Police are not allowed to shoot a man for speeding . So why then it is okay to zap him with 50,0000 volts of electricity? Is it because bullets make people bleed all over the place while tasering is all neat an tidy? Here in Canada, the government said it will not place new any restrictions on the use of Tasers and awaits the findings of the RCMP's internal review of its policy on the weapon.

On the issue of Capital Punishment the Harper Government said yesterday, that if a Canadian Citizen is sentenced to death abroad they can not automatically expect the Canadian Government to come to their aid if the rule of law in that country is being applied. When asked by opposition parties if the Canadian Government was reversing its long standing policy to extradite Canadians on death row back home to carry out a life sentence, the Justice Minister would simply say that there are no plans to change the law in Canada. Basically, Minister Nicholson is saying that the death penalty is okay as long as it isn't the Canadian justice system doing the killing. When did our government become contract killers?

Reference: Wise Law Blog: Another Taser Victim on Video: Utah Driver Refused to Sign Speeding Ticket

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