Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Canadian Facebook Group Promotes Violence Against Women

A Facebook Group was created for people who like throw objects at the sex trade workers in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Aside from the fact that throwing items a people from moving vehicles is childish and just plain stupid, it is also dangerous. Members of this Facebook group are bragging at the number and type of objects that they have thrown at these women. Community outreach workers said that some of the sex trade workers have had bricks and beer bottles thrown at their heads.

When did we as a society become so cold and callous as to think that it is okay to assault a person based on their circumstances in life?

When asked why the group was established one of the administrators said it was out of frustration over the conditions of that particular section of the city. It seems to me if that is the case, perhaps instead of throwing objects at sex trade workers these individuals should be throwing questions at their city councilors and the provincial government.

Reference CBC article Facebook group about prostitute assault 'blown out of proportion:' member

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